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Heal through Ayurveda

At SoHum Mountain Healing Resort the gentle mist kisses your skin, the sound of running water eases your mind, and the fragrance of the forest soothes your spirit. Where every Ayurvedic treatment is a symphony of traditional therapies and personalized care, designed to bring balance to your doshas and ignite the spark of wellness within you.


Our onsite restaurant is led by Chef Michael Cheyne, a visionary cook whose genius in the kitchen is only matched by his creativity behind the camera. Our vegetarian (but not vegan) menu is designed to support you on your healing journey at SoHum – enlivening your senses with tastes and visual experiences that nourish your spirit as much as your body.

Chef Michael Cheyne works with local suppliers and farmers to ensure our field-to-table dining experience is ethical, wholesome, and vibrant. Bringing the seasonal abundance of this iconic region to your plate each day, and supporting the Ayurvedic philosophy of eating freshly grown, harvested, and prepared meals.

In Ayurveda we celebrate the healing power of all the senses, with sight and taste playing a therapeutic role not only in our bodies, but in our emotional and mental states too. The cuisine served at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort will nourish you in mind, body, and spirit.

For those partaking in our Panchakarma Program Chef Michael Cheyne will support your personal protocol with meals that support your cleansing program while ensuring your nutritional needs are met with simple yet delicious options.


Our accommodations embrace the beauty and history of this region, inviting luxury and natural elements into a homely space that supports rest and healing. Your room is appointed with a variety of luxury amenities that allow this to become your personal sanctuary during your stay at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort.

Each guest room has an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the many quiet sitting areas around the inn. All our rooms Include: a private balcony, wood-burning fireplaces, soaking tubs (with a separate shower), a writing desk, comfortable beds and seating arrangements, with central air throughout.

We encourage our guests to take this opportunity to enjoy a digital cleanse while staying at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort, to support this we have no televisions on the property and limited Wi-Fi.

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For questions, contact your experience planning guide who will help you personalize a plan for your stay at SoHum. Please contact: (828) 360-8280

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