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Upcoming Webinars


The AP Village: You Have Whole Village Here to Support Your Journey

Date: TBD


Sensory Bliss: Nourishing Your being through Your Senses

Date: TBD


Webinar Archive

One Year Anniversary Puja

Join us for a Puja Ceremony led by Vasant Lad celebrating the 1-year anniversary of SoHum Mountain Healing Resort, as well as the healing that takes place at SoHum and the countless moments of support, encouragement, and inspiration shared with us along the way.

The Power of Panchakarma

Join us for a transformative event as we delve into the ancient wisdom of Panchakarma—a journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery. This sacred practice ignites your body's innate healing mechanisms, purifying your essence and restoring harmony.

Radiate Love

All about self love - Join us for a heartwarming exploration of the profound connection between self-love, community love, and how to strengthen relationships.

Awaken Your Best Self in 2024

Meet Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sneha Raichada, and our Ayurvedic Ambassador, Sandy Viteri, as they explore sustainable habits, lifestyle changes, and the ultimate detox experience you have been waiting for, Panchakarma, offered here at SoHum.

Culinary Bliss

Meet our resident Chef, Michael Cheyne, and our Ayurvedic Ambassador, Sandy Viteri, as they dive into how Ayurvedic principles come to life in our kitchen, how we procure seasonal and local ingredients, and see some of Chef Michael's delectable creations!

Harmonizing our Hearts

Join SoHum’s resident psychologist, Dr. Eliot Steer, and Ayurvedic Ambassador, Sandy Viteri, in a fireside discussion about the incredible benefits and balance the Panchakarma process offers, not only to our physical and mental self, but to our emotional being too.

Journey to Renewal

Join SoHum’s Julia Apodaca, our Wellness Director, and Dr. Vrinda Devani, as they dive into the myriad benefits of Ayurvedic bodywork while introducing you to the treatments offered in our Ayurvedic Spa, culminating in a live demonstration of one of our signature treatments!

Science of Serentiy

Recorded live from SoHum Healing Resort, watch to uncover invaluable insights into the physical benefits of Ayurvedic therapies with SoHum’s Sandy Viteri and Dr. Vrinda Devani, board-certified practicing OB/GYN and Ayurvedic practitioner.

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