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We believe in...

Connection to Nature

With nature as our guide, our community reflects the profound beauty and balance of existence. When we connect with nature, we find rejuvenation in mind, body, and consciousness, fostering a deep compassion that reminds us of the inherent harmony and beauty of life.

North America's Gem For Holistic Living In Asheville, North Carolina

SoHum Residences embrace all aspects of your evolution by harnessing the sacred energy of the Blue Ridge Mountains. By honoring the natural beauty that envelops this region, every element of these harmoniously handcrafted homes aligns to nurture your well-being and lead you towards a life of profound evolution and self-actualization.

Tucked away in your personal sanctuary, yet still within 25 minutes of charming downtown Asheville, this community provides everything you have been looking for. The SoHum Residences sit adjacent to our world-renowned SoHum Mountain Healing Resort, where you have access to the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda, yoga classes, elevated dining, and more. We invite you to arise everyday into a community of co-dreamers for humanity, seekers of the inner potential, and stewards of the planet.

We believe in...

Human Evolution

Recognizing our deep interconnectedness led to the birth of this unique community, designed to foster human evolution. Create a new way of existing by drawing from the healing wisdom of our ancestors in a peaceful environment.

We believe in...

Sacred Geometry And Design

Acclaimed architects and Ayurvedic healers have come together to embrace the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra, infusing your future home with the flow of life force. Each detail is cared for so you embody your highest vibration in your home as you feel a deep connection to the cosmos.

We believe in...


In our eco-conscious community, an unbreakable bond with Nature is woven into every detail. With geothermal solar design and mindful preservation of the land's natural architecture, you will experience a heartfelt commitment to Mother Earth.

We believe in...


Embrace a sense of belonging, support, and connection in a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically.

We believe in...

Integrative Living Ritual

The sacred rhythms of the cosmos guide our daily activities, embracing the joy of living for optimal health and inner bliss. Our days are filled with heartwarming activities such as fire ceremonies, deep conversations, storytelling for the children, wandering the trails, caring for greenhouses and more.

Our Community Plan

Your elevated living starts here

Integrative living within an eco-conscious community

Environmentally crafted homesites within a natural forest

Acclaimed architects and custom builder team

Architecture designed with the sacred science of Vastu Shatra in mind

100 acre community with over 30 private homesites

Priority access to SoHum Mountain Healing amenities and offerings

Discover a truly extraordinary living experience that transcends boundaries, as you immerse yourself in a home that is thoughtfully designed to foster a deep connection to nature, compassion, and humanity.

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