Breathe in the Rhythm of Nature

Aligning our natural rhythms to the rhythm of nature helps transcend our thinking. It's a journey to the heart. To listen, connect, and sync with the enchantment of the universe is to heal.

Nature is the ultimate teacher. Pause, settle in, and then let Mother Earth do her work to transform you. You’ll shed everything that no longer aligns with your core by undertaking a journey back to your true Self.

Breathe - THE RENEWING VITALITY Of the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains


The Blue Ridge range is one of the most powerful energetic vortex destinations in the United States. People have traveled to this sacred land for ages to experience the fresh mountain air, pure forests, and the healing energy emanating from the earth itself.

Energetic structure of this land

The visionaries of SoHum Mountain Healing hold a deep reverence for the ancient science of Vastu Shastra - a sacred approach to geometry and design originating in India. This land was thoughtfully selected due to its auspicious slope to the North and East, along with signs of ample prana and healing energy.


The land on the top of Elk Mountain, where SoHum Mountain Healing now rests, used to house miles of logging trails. Walk these old trails to enliven the flow of prana throughout your being and feel its communication with the energy of the forest around you.

Experiences to connect

All experiences at SoHum Mountain Healing are designed to deepen connection to your own nature while living in harmony with the rhythms and flows of the world around us. This is where transformational moments are shared and made sacred by being witnessed, allowing us to deepen connection to ourselves and our community.