Food is nourishment.
But it is also Prana and medicine.
As such, it should be delicious and enjoyed by all your senses.

Divine Plant-Based Nourishment

Chef Michael Cheyne brings his culinary vision and genius to your senses.

Our Ayurvedic-inspired vegetarian and vegan menu not only supports your healing journey at SoHum, It also enlivens every sense with flavors, aromas, and spectacles that nourish both your body and soul.

Chef Michael Cheyne works with local suppliers and farmers to ensure our field-to-table Ayurvedic dining experience is ethical, freshly grown, and vibrant.

You’ll bask in the wholesome, seasonal abundance of this iconic region in your plate each day.

Ayurveda celebrates the healing power of all senses. Sight and taste play a particularly therapeutic role for the body, but also for the emotional and mental mind.

That’s why the cuisine served at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort will sustain and cleanse your in mind, body, and spirit.

For those partaking in our Panchakarma Program Chef Michael Cheyne supports your personal protocol with meals for your cleansing program, while ensuring your nutritional needs are met with simple and delicious options.

Chef has creatively taken the ingredients suitable for panchakarma and designed a variety of delicious dishes with different tastes and textures leaving you looking forward to each meal. Traditional kitchari is also available throughout the day and with each meal to support your program.

Connect with us

Whether you’re a neighbor of the resort or a guest of Asheville outside of SoHum, we’re excited to invite you to experience our kitchen. Join the AyurPrana mailing list to be among the first people to be invited!