Enjoy a completely immersive experience inspired by Ayurvedic living, nurturing touches, and a tranquil atmosphere to ease your mind, body and soul into its deepest states of relaxation and awakening.

Slip into Serenity With Ayurvedic Treatments & Wellness Experiences

Ayurvedic treatments are celebrated across the globe for their rejuvenating effects. Explore these ancient therapies while immersed in the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains; enjoying elevated plant-based cuisine, luxury-rustic accommodations, and daily inspirational experiences.

You can look forward to Ayurvedic Treatments supporting you in:

Revitalizing your health and wellness

Fortifying your immune system

Reversing stress-induced damage

Slowing down aging

Boosting your vitality, strength, and mental clarity

Inducing deep relaxation and well-being

Inspiring positive lifestyle changes

All-Inclusive 3 or 4-Night Stay

3-Night Stay: $2,000 – $3,300

4-Night Stay: $2,400 – $4,000

Luxury Accommodations

Private bathroom with a standing shower and a large garden tub for soaks

A king size bed, fireplace and a private balcony overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains

Elevated Vegetarian Dining

Three meals daily curated by Executive Chef

Healing Touch

One Whole Body Serenity Experience inclusive of a four-handed massage, sweatbox, and shirodhara

Inspirational Education and Experiences

Daily wellbeing classes, inclusive of:

• Daily Sunrise ritual, yoga and breathwork

• Classes on AyurPrana's 7 pillars of wellness on various days of the week

• Sacred Senses signature classes throughout the week, such as sound bathing, self-massage, kirtan, and more.

Special invite and discounts to AyurPrana's Living Wisdom Membership and Community as well as AyurPrana's AP+ app subscription.

Optional private consultations and more spa experiences.

A Day at SoHum

Sample Schedule

6:30 am - 6:50 am

Sunrise Ritual and Homa Ceremony

7:00 am - 7:50 am

Rise and Shine: Pranayama and Yoga to Inner Peace

8:00 am - 8:30 am


9:00 am - 11:00 am

Whole Body Serenity Spa Experience

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Living Wisdom Coaching Series: Nutrition

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sound Bathing

Our spa is led by timeless tradition, expertly trained therapists, and a sense of beauty and luxury. We want you to enter a sacred space where healing, resting and rejuvenating is your main goal. Leave behind all responsibilities. Release your worries and get ready to leave with a greater sense of connection and purpose.

The Spa at SoHum

A place for you to retreat, receive and relax.
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AyurPrana's Living Wisdom Membership

We believe your experience SoHum Mountain Healing is a catalyst, but not the end, of your healing journey.

Leave SoHum Mountain Healing with a special invitation and discounts to AyurPrana's Living Wisdom Membership — a sacred space where you can return to each week, to rejoin a community of other souls on a similar journey.

This membership features weekly sessions and monthly immersions — filled with thought experts, storytelling, music, yoga, question and answer with a practitioner, and more — to carry you through the seasons so that you can leave each session with your heart open, with tools to live holistically and with ancient wisdom, and with inspiration to be the best version of yourself.

The location and facilities are beautiful and the people are wonderful! Really, really good place to unwind and connect with yourself. Even more attractive is the science of Ayurveda. It finally revealed the root causes of some issues I was trying to manage.

By Pawan G. /

My experience at SoHum exceeded all of my expectations... The location is one of the most beautiful places you could find yourself, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounded by nature. I felt very well taken care of. The treatments like the Serenity (massage, steam, shirodhara) were incredible, and I highly recommend all the body treatments here. The Ayurvedic talks, yoga, sound healing bath and kirtan just put the experience on a whole new level. My heart is full, my mind, body and soul at peace. Don’t hesitate to book here, you are worth it.

By Kathleen C. /

Frequently Asked Questions

 With Panchakarma you can benefit in the following ways: 

  • Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind 
  • Restore your constitutional balance by improving health and wellness 
  • Strengthen your immune system 
  • Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind 
  • Slow the aging process 
  • Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity 
  • Bring about deep relaxation and a sense of well-being 
  • Implement positive lifestyle changes

Our Panchakarma program starts at 7-nights and 6-days of treatment (there is no treatment the day or arrival and the day of departure), having said that, it is not uncommon for people to do 2 and even 3 weeks of Panchkarma in a row. Also, please note that our program starts 2 weeks prior to your arrival with 3 zoom calls, and ends with one last zoom call a week after you have left to help support you with your integration.

Arrival – Sunday between 4-5pm. No later than 5pm. Departure following Sunday before 11:00 am.

The closest airport is the Asheville Regional Airport which is only a 43 minute – 23 mile drive through the beautiful town of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains and we recommend that you take an Uber from the Airport to SoHum. Alternatively you can use https://avlhopper.com/

We accept a 50% deposit at the time of reservation, and the remaining balance would be charged after your Design Call (two weeks prior to your arrival) along with your accepted additional treatments. There are no refunds after this time.

Our cancellation policy for our Panchakarma Retreat is:

  • If canceled before 90 days of arrival: full refund of deposit
  • If canceled 45-90 days prior to arrival date: 50% refund of deposit
  • If canceled Within 45 days of arrival date: No refund of deposit
  • 30 days written notice for postponing to another day

It is not infrequent that people have their menses during panchakarma even if it isn’t their normal cycle time because Panchakarma supports a strong cleansing process. In situations like this, the Panchakarma will continue as normal with the exception of postponing specific therapies, namely the purgation and basti’s. Those two are postponed until the flow lightens (generally 3-4 days). Part of the post-panchakarma process is often to continue the basti’s at home once a week for four weeks and so it is not uncommon that participants who need to postpone their enemas just continue at home. All supplies needed to do so are easy to provide from the center prior to your departure.

You sure can. Please feel free to download our Spa Menu

Tipping is optional and it is typically between 15% and 20%. If you want to leave cash we will give you envelopes and you can leave the tips at the front desk. The front desk then will put it in the safe and distribute it to the team members. If you want to put the tip on your folio to be charged to the Credit Card on file, we have a list of the therapist and a section for “other” that you can write in the name. Then the team will distribute based on how much you wish to leave.

Our Living Wisdom Membership was specifically designed to help support your healing journey way beyond your visit to SoHum. Our membership includes:

  • Weekly Live immersions with masters, thought leaders and guides
  • Week long guided immersion each month. Includes cleanses, yoga, pranayama, nutrition.
  • Access to AyurPrana Foundational Courses
  • Replay access of all live sessions
  • 1:1 Practitioner Chat during Connect hours
  • Access to AyurPrana+ App
  • Living Wisdom Community Group in the AyurPrana+ App
  • Full Moon meditations / Solstice and Equinox events
  • Early access and discounts to special events and the AyurPrana Village (SoHum Mountain Healing Resort, Asheville Yoga Center, AyurPrana Listening Room, Ayurvedic Institute)

810 Elk Mountain Scenic Hwy, Asheville, NC 28804

The package price includes accommodations, food, all background classes and workshops, daily check-ins, herbal support, one color therapy and daily whole body serenity treatments (abhyanga, swedan, and shirodhara). There may be additional treatment recommended during your design call which is not included in the package price and any herbs that you want to purchase to continue at home are not included as well.

We love children! But due to respect towards the healing journey of all of our guests the age requirement at SoHum is a minimum age of 18 years of age.


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