Post Panchakarma at Home We believe in continued support even after your stay to carry you through full integration at home for sustained results. Virtual Home Check-in – your practitioner accompanies you beyond your stay to sustain your transformation. Weekly Living Wisdom Coaching – support your renewed Self in adapting to daily livin

During Your Stay Fully immerse your being into a plunge of cleansing and becoming whole again, while being tenderly held and nurtured throughout by our practitioners, therapists, and entire staff. Welcome and Closing Ceremonies Daily Rituals– fire ceremonies, breathwork, yoga, and meditation.. Nutrition – Kitchari and Ayurvedic dishes t

Pre-Arrival Activities Prime your mind, body and soul before you arrive to help optimize your Panchakarma Experience while you are staying with us at SoHum Mountain Healing Resort. One Personalized Design Call – with an Ayurvedic Practitioner to help create your personalized Panchakarma protocol. Two Group Calls – to help prime your bod